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It’s Me Time

We all have heard this often - Everything happens for a reason! The same goes for when the world was facing a pandemic. For a second, we all have given up the rays of hope and a desire to survive. In the race of survival of the fittest, every humanoid all across the globe found the most precious and valuable thing to them and that is - It’s Me!

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Looking For Perfection!!

In all the four stages of human life (juvenescence, Adolescence, maturescence, and senescence), we all engage in improvising ourselves to the destination of perfection. Likewise others, all across the external world, I even tried hard to know the sense of perfection in my life worth in relationships, at work, countless circumstances, physical environment, and also, in financial aspects.

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Look for Perfection?

“The illusion of perfection is an illusion anyway” - Amy Adams
I travelled junctions added over junctions in getting the answer - ‘What’s called to be perfect?’ Till the time I met a young boy on the streets of Paris. I have the best practice of keeping my captures in one diary defined by a storyline.

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