Discover Wellness

Wellness Program

“Discover Wellness”

One day, two hours

Introduction to Dimensions of Wellness -- Health | Mind| Heart| Soul

  • Pranayam: We will be working on prana, the source of energy of our life, which fills us with vivacity and protects us from illnesses.
  • Nature of the Mind can be won by using the power of now: Say yes to the present which gives us peace, relaxation and leads us to awareness. Learn how to be and live in the moment.
  • Emotional Intelligence and its dimensions of self-awareness, self-regulation, internal motivation etc.
  • Release of emotional toxins through the Osaji Japanese technique for pure and free emotional hygiene. Tools for this are compassion, forgiveness, self-discipline.
  • Exploring the journey of internal happiness, harmony and resolving inner conflicts. Power of Mantra and Music therapy: Here 432Hz music resonates inside your body to release emotional blockages and expands consciousness.
  • Meditation: Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for restoring balance and leads to mindfulness. In meditation, you experience a state of restful awareness in which your body is resting deeply while your mind is awake. Scientific research on meditation shows that it decreases hypertension, anxiety, depression, insomnia and addictive behaviours.

The aim of this workshop is to satisfy your body, mind and soul - The Trinity.