Wellness Forever

Wellness Program

“Wellness Forever”

Four days- two Hours daily

This programe will focus on different dimensions of Wellness:

Day One: Physical Wellness& Breath.

  • Talk on the Four sources of energy which includes Food, Breath, Sleep, Meditation.
  • Warm up and Pranayams.
  • Basic yoga postures.
  • Mudra pranayam
  • Power of Mantra
  • Yog Nidra

Day Two : Mind/ Intellect/ Memory.

  • Talk on the nature and tendencies of mind.
  • Pranayam, Asanas and Mudra Pranayam designed specifically for mind management.
  • Discussion on Eckhart Tolle – “The power of Now” say yes to the present.
  • Power of Mantras for a chattering mind.
  • Music Therapy to calm the mind.
  • Mindfulness meditation for mind management.

Day Three: Emotional Intelligence.

  • Discussion on components of Daniel Goleman.
  • Self Awareness, self regulation, Internal Motivation, empathy, social skills.
  • Pranayam, Asanas and Mudra Pranayam designed specifically for emotional intelligence.
  • Release of emotional toxins through Osaji Japanese technique for clean and free emotional hygiene.
  • Mantras to settle the Emotions.
  • Music therapy for positive emotions.
  • Meditation

Day Four : Soul/Self.

  • Guidance on the nature of the soul.
  • Yin Yoga for hormonal balance and chakra cleaning asanas,
  • Soulful Pranayam Mudra pranayam
  • Importance of Silence and Laughter in your life.
  • Digital detoxification from the hyper connected world
  • Connection with your inner self.
  • Soulful Meditation.